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What You'll Learn in The Challenge?

Day 1

Getting Started as a Salesforce Developer

Day 1 is a walkthrough of exactly what content to focus on in order to work towards your 1st Salesforce Developer Certification. 

It can be really confusing to understand where to start, so this day is all about making that path clear!

Day 2

Salesforce Developer Myths Busted

Day 2 helps you to understand the obstacles you are up against when transitioning into a career as a Salesforce Developer. 

We cover hot topics like the types of people who seem to enjoy development, whether or not specific college degrees are needed and how much experience you need to get started in this role.

Day 3

The 3 Keys to Becoming a Salesforce Developer

Day 3 is all about helping you to understand the scope of what is needed. It turns out not everything is in Trailhead to drive your success.

We will dive in on learning to communicate with the businesses you work with. The Platform Developer 1 Certification and other technical skills you’ll need.

Day 4

Salaries and Networking Effectively

As you likely already know, Salesforce Developers are one of the, if not the highest-paid Salesforce roles in the world. 

Day 4 is all about what drives these extreme income levels and how to network effectively to ensure the next developer to land a job is you.

Day 5

Resources and Community

Day 5 helps summarize everything we’ve learned and ensure you are prepared to take action.

We will focus on Community, Networking, and Meaningful Skill Growth to ensure your success in becoming a Salesforce Developer is guaranteed!

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I don't have enough Hands On experience
It's who you know not what you know
You need a technical college degree
Passing the Developer Certifications is too hard

Let's Learn from the Experiences of Others

Why Individuals Struggle

There are a lot of reasons why people feel starting a Salesforce Development Career is too difficult.

The chart here shows what most people feel is the biggest obstacle to keeping them out of a Developer career. 

The good news is that we conquer all of these concerns in the 5 Day Developer Challenge!

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His Biggest Passion Is Helping Others Impact Change In Their Lives Through Salesforce Careers. Finding Financial Stability, Pride In His Work, And Realizing The Path To Salesforce Developer Success Was Simpler Than Most Think.

He Focused On Starting Cloud Code Academy To Give Developer Career Education And Opportunity To Those Who May Otherwise Have Never Found It!