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What Will We Cover in the Developer Kickstart Program

What is Cloud Code Academy?

Platform Developer 1 Certification Designed to Pass & Understand

We facilitate live instructor-led Platform Developer 1 Certification study sessions, including everything you need to not only pass the exam but put the content into real-world application! All live sessions are recorded so you can review them at your convenience.

Salesforce Developer Centric Hands-On Experience

Our state-of-the-art capstone project will position you to use all aspects of Salesforce development just like in real-world projects. Designed by a 18x Certified - Salesforce MVP Developer, you can rest assured our capstone project is the best in the business.

Salesforce Developer Interview Readiness Training

It's hard to land a job with just certifications and experience alone! You have to know how to communicate your value in live interviews. We will prepare you for success, from personality assessments and soft skill interviews to case study assignments and technical interviews!


Landing roles in a competitive tech ecosystem can be challenging without building strong relationships. With the soft skills taught in our program you will build a strong community foundation and get the attention of professionals, recruiters, and hiring managers globally. As an alumni of the Cloud Code Program, you are recognized as the best development talent in the Salesforce ecosystem!

Salesforce Developer Community

Our Members Only Developer Community is second-to-none. With staff, alumni, and current members always ready to help, you are not alone in your journey to becoming a Salesforce Developer. We have a community of learners and experts here to help you succeed.

Targeted Code Review Sessions

Your learning and experience will be evaluated regularly by experienced Salesforce Professionals. With regular homework reviews, project assessments, and live workshops using tools like GitHub and Visual Studio Code, we can ensure your skills are being developed to the highest Salesforce programming standards.

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Meet The Founder

Warren Walters

10+ Years Developer Experience

18x Certified Salesforce MVP

Where Are Our Alumni Employed?

Where Are They Now?

Cloud Coders are employed at top companies globally. Below are just a few of the wonderful companies where our alumni can be found!

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